These are all of the videos that have been released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Australia.
Fox began the release of X-Files episodes to video with "The Unanswered File" in November of 1995. The response was so overwhelming (With a cliffhanger like "Anasazi," it's not surprising!) that Fox continued to release the videos. We've had all of the mytharcs released on video, as well as some extra episodes including "File 2: Tooms" and the "X-Files Originals" series that are being released now. A new series has been launched to replace the "File" series known as the "Feature Videos" series. This series began with "One Son" and has proceeded from there.

The 12 "File" videos mentioned on this page are no longer in production, so if you'd like to buy them, do it soon!

File Releases
The original File video series releases, now discontinued by FOX.

Feature Releases
The new video series launched after the cancellation of the original series.

Wave Releases
The season-by-season video releases.

Special Releases
The special video releases such as Dreamland and Fight the Future.


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